We all know that Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam has been supporting DKSHA for the past 14 years. What we don’t know is the working force behind it! GCTS members had the privilege to meet the founder of DKSHA  – Mr.Issac Arulappan. He is very humble for all the services he has been doing.

After graduation, he worked in several educational institutions, but his dream was to give life to orphans, semi-orphans, destitute children and women. He quit his job as Vice Principal in a school and started DKSHA 20 years ago.

He came to US for a training conducted by Miracle Foundation and came to Cincinnati to meet with our GCTS members on Saturday May 12th 2018. A small group of us met him in our Tamil school. He patiently answered to multiple questions from members including DKSHA, Miracle Foundation partnership, current status of the kids and future plans.

Question & Answers :


DKSHA was selected on July 2016 and since then Miracle has been providing assistance, training to the staff and set guidelines to improve.

What is Miracle Foundation and how are they related to DKSHA ?

Miracle Foundation was born on a Mother’s Day when it’s founder Caroline Boudreaux realized that Mother’s Day won’t have the integrity that it should until every orphan child have a loving family.  They have developed a systematic, measurable, scalable way to improve the quality of care being given to parentless children. (Examples: setting House mothers for every 10-15 kids to live like family, 12 rights of children, quality of food, etc.). Miracle Foundation ambassadors visit the orphanages around the globe and have strict measuring techniques to shortlist out of thousands of orphanage homes considering the integrity, loyalty and reliability. To learn more about Miracle, read this Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/break-the-future/2017/05/12/you-dont-have-to-have-a-baby-to-be-a-mother/#3b45b63b63fe 

Are the children forced to follow certain religion ?

Children in DKSHA have the freedom to follow any religion they want. They read Geetha, Bible and Quran & its up to the child to pick what they want to follow. Please read the 12 rights of a child that they are following at DKSHA :   https://www.miraclefoundation.org/miracle-foundations-12-rights-of-an-orphan-child/

Watch the video on the right which was captured by our GCTS member Mr. Rajan Odayar who visited DKSHA with his family last year.

What about their education ?

Children in DKSHA, depending on their academic performance are sent to different schools in Manapparai including private and government schools. They are dropped off at schools and picked up. The housemother takes care of managing the daily needs of the children like food, clothing, school supplies, study-time and playtime. After their schooling, they have the freedom to choose any major they want to study and any colleges around Manapparai. He also raved about many successful kids from DKSHA who have been placed in big companies. We were all thrilled to listen those stories from a humble man who is behind all their successes.

Check out their webpage for the 2017 SSLC & HSC Exam results: https://www.dksha.org/events/examination-results-2017/ 

Watch the video on the left which was captured by our GCTS member Mr. Rajan Odayar who visits DKSHA with his family every year.

What are their future plans and how can I make an impact ?

Their immediate 2018 needs are listed in their website with information on how to make an impact on the DKSHA children’s lives: https://www.dksha.org/how-to-help/2018-fundraising-campaign/

Their future plans are listed here: https://www.dksha.org/future-programs/ 

You can follow their facebook page for updates and needs if any: https://www.facebook.com/DKSHACornerstone/

They have an open door policy and you can go visit their home anytime & spend time with their children.

Cornerstone Orphanage 
Mullippadi, Avarampatty- PO. Manapparai -Tk. Trichy – Dist. Tamilnadu – India


For further information, please feel free to contact gctsinfo@gmail.com or talk to one of the GCTS executive members.