1. What are we trying to achieve?
Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam(GCTS) membership management has been migrated from Spreadsheet to online. Members have access to the secured area to renew memberships, buy event tickets and enjoy other member-only benefits. Online management saves time in new GCTS Memberships, renewals, GCTS Tamil school quarterly fees payments  and ticket purchases. 

2. How do I login to my account?

You can login to your account from the “Members” dropdown in the top menu, which will take you to this page: https://cincytamilsangam.org/user-login/ .  Login using your family primary email ID. 

3. What if I don’t know what my primary email address is?

Please email us to contact@cincytamilsangam.org and we can provide that information. You can also talk to one of the GCTS Executive members in the Tamil school(Mason High School) on Saturdays between 3:30 and 5:00.  

4. After successful login, what should I do if I see the screen like below?

Your account has EXPIRED. To re-activate, please  Pay your subscription fees by clicking here. Need help? Email support@cincytamilsangam.org

It means that your GCTS membership has expired and you need to pay the subscription fees by picking the appropriate membership package. After the successful payment online, you should be able to get into the GCTS member-only section.

5. What if I have forgotten my password?

  • Click “Members” top menu
  • Select “Lost Password” link 
  • Get new password & login back.

6. How do I pay the Quarterly fees for GCTS Tamil school? 

  • Login to your GCTS account
  • You should see “நம்ம தமிழ்ப்பள்ளி” page which should list all the students associated with your account and option to pay online using Paypal check-out.
    Important Note:  After clicking “Pay Now” in PayPal, wait patiently until the “நம்ம தமிழ்ப்பள்ளி” page is refreshed by itself.

7. What if I don’t see my kids listed under “நம்ம தமிழ்ப்பள்ளி”?

If you don’t see your child(ren)’s records under “நம்ம தமிழ்ப்பள்ளி” page to make payment, it is possible that your school email address do not match up with your GCTS login account. Please email us the details and we can fix it. 

8. Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay GCTS membership dues & Tamil school quarterly fees and to purchase event tickets?

You don’t need a PayPal account. You can make online payments even if you don’t have the PayPal account. In the last step of checking out,  if you click “Make Payment through PayPal” button, you will see options to either login to your PayPal account or “Pay with Debit or Credit Card“.

9.  Can me and my spouse have different login account?
Each family will have one login account. You can add your spouse name and more information to “Notes” in your “My Profile” page. If this is not convincing, please talk to the GCTS executive members or email us to contact@cincytamilsangam.org with more details.

10. Our friend is interested in becoming the Cincinnati Tamil Sangam member. What should he/she do to become one?
Ask your friend to go to https://cincytamilsangam.org/, click the members dropdown and select “Register” link. He/she can register online by following few simple steps which requires some basic information, selecting the membership option & paying online.

11. I don’t do any online payments. What should I do?
Please talk to the GCTS executive members or email us  contact@cincytamilsangam.org  with more details.

12. My question is not listed here. Whom should I contact?

Please email us to contact@cincytamilsangam.org with your question.  You can also talk to one of the GCTS Executive members in the Tamil school(Mason High School) on Saturdays between 3:30 and 5:00.